Feb 19, 2012

Working on my Malawi Projects. part 1: Foldable Cane Coffin

The foldable cane coffin makes you think about the environment and biodiversity on our planet, and how you can improve it even after you die.

The product is made out of cane and bamboo. It has a very natural appeal, and with its round shape and natural materials it is friendlier looking than the normal coffins. The product can be used as a platform for the deceased to be reposed on. It is an answer to a trend in Western countries where people want to arrange personal, green and conscious funerals which also asks for alternative ways of burials.
The foldable cane coffin is made out of natural fast growing materials as opposed to the wood now used for making coffins. No big trees have to be cut to produce it but grasses as cane and bamboo can be harvested easily and without putting more pressure on the Malawian forests, which are under big pressure already. Also the coffins will disintegrate faster than the normal wooden (and painted) coffins once they are buried.
The folding ability of the coffin enables it to be transported as a flat piece, thus limiting the use of space. Furthermore the coffins are light weight, which makes transportation more efficient and reduces fuel consumption. This will minimise the cost of transport but more importantly will benefit the environment.
The product itself will help to sustain biodiversity in Malawi because of the material use on the one hand. On the other hand environmental awareness is created when people think about the moment they will give themselves back to the earth. At the same time this product is about improving the economic situation of some of the poorest people on our planet in a durable way.

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